Custom Hand Painted Helmets for Motörheads

We paint helmets for lovers of machines with an engine and wheels. We’ll take any helmet and apply your custom design. Just provide your inspiration, and we’ll make it come to life.


how we work

Contact us with your inspiration and we’ll do the rest. We’ll comp up your graphics, apply to the helmet, and lay down down some 1Shot paint. Just sit back and watch your piece of art come to life via our Instagram stories.


Authorized Biltwell Helmet Painter. Choose any size, color, and style.

special projects 



  1. Collaborate on concept for your helmet

  2. Draw up custom illustrations

  3. Order a new helmet or hand-off your existing helmet

  4. If you like, we’ll lay-down a base coat of paint

  5. Compose the graphics on the helmet for your approval

  6. Lay down some 1Shot paint

  7. Drop a matte coating

  8. Send or hand-off your helmet


Helmets start at $750 for full custom work

*Requires 50% deposit, customer pays shipping

Request a quote for groomsmen helmets and bulk orders

Special programs for influencers and celebrities


ask us anything


Phone: 310-437-3088

Long Beach, CA


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the rules

2 rounds of revisions for individual graphics

2 rounds of revisions for helmet composition

$50 charge for complete change of graphics

$25 charge for change of composition (After 2 rounds)

helmet order form

Name *
This will be used for your primary graphics. Please include as many details as possible (E.g. Design style, colors)
This includes any additional graphics we might apply including symbols, quotes, or lucky numbers
Please provide links to any image examples we may use for your design
Please include any additional requests for your helmet design here